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Organic Treatment Oil Bundle


Our multi-functional treatment oils embody this statement and the performance of these oils will speak for itself. Our Night Serum is fueled by the powerful properties of Neroli, supporting the skin's collagen production and the hydro-lipid layer. Immortal Rose Oil, great at supporting dry aging, sensitive, damage skin and hair. Helichrysum Oil, also known as everlasting or immortelle, this essential oil contains a certain class of molecule called di-ketones, well known for its unique regenerative effects for the skin and know for effectively supporting sensitive skin issues, spots, acne and other problematic skin issues.

All three of these oils are formulated with Helichrysum and Argan, which helps the other top nutrients work extremely well for supporting the skin. We're here to help your skin find its eternal fountain of youth. The oils are easy to absorb and will help to minimize lines and wrinkles, bringing moisture to your skin as they nourishes and protects from the environment. We suggest using our Serum oil prior to going to bed, which will assist with your skin’s own ability to regenerate itself. Cell regeneration is a natural process where fresh, new skin cells replace old, dead skin. This happens quicker at night compared to daytime.

Please don't allow common misconceptions about using oils scare you off from using our Award Winning Treatment Oils. Actually, these oils are non-comedogenic meaning they won’t clog your pores. Instead, they are traditionally known to help regulate sebum, which decreases clogged pores and reduces acne while creating a supple, healthy complexion, evening out the skin tone.  Please note, the rose oil is also great for conditioning your hair. So if you're looking for exceptional support for anti-aging and/or problem skin or dry, slow-growing hair, this variety pack of our oils should be your treatment solution. Lovely Is As Lovely Does.

Consistent with ALL of the products we produce, our Treatment Oils and Serums are cleanly formulated with:  NO sulfates, NO Parabens, NO Glutens, NO Phthalates, NO Petroleum, NO Preservatives, NO Propylene Glycol, NO Synthetic Fragrances, NO Colors 

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