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What is Helichrysum?


Helichrysum, known as "Immortelle" or "Everlasting" is described this way because of how the plant's flowering tops keep their yellow color forever as they dry out (never fading or wilting).

Helichrysum is a strong anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-allergenic with properties that work as a potent tissue regenerator, thus assisting the skin with anti-aging abilities.  

Helichrysum is the only essential oil known to contain a certain class of molecule called di-ketones, well known for their unique regenerative effects, and it promotes cell health while encouraging shedding of dead cells and production of new cell tissue.   

The amazing healing properties of Helichrysum include the ability to help:

It's one of the essential oils that can be applied undiluted to the affected area until further medical care is available.

The benefits of Helichrysum essential oil are not just applicable for support of aging skin, scars, eczema and dry skin but it's also great for preserving and maintaining the beauty of young vibrant skin as well or repair of damaged aging skin.