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Organic Body Care


Why Shop Organic Body Care? Besides preserving your health, the wellbeing of the planet and using beauty enhancements without cruelty, using organic body care products you'll noticed significantly less skin irritants and allergies. There will be less breakouts once the organic body care products have helped to detox the skin of it's impurities because organic body care absorbs quickly into the skin and doesn't clog the pores, so you'll benefit from less pimples and acne. As for repairing aged and damaged skin tissue, these products are free of toxins and chemicals and the ones that are undiluted with water are more effective performers which promote better and healthier looking skin. And why not, you came from the earth so why wouldn't plant-based nutrients work for you. Why use organic body care... because it's good for your health and the wellbeing of the planet.

Why waterless organic body care?

After several years of working within the industry, I still get asked the question why did I choose to go waterless with my organic and gluten free body care formulations? Well, there's three parts to answering this question. First, I care about my health and by using water in body care formulations, the demand to place toxic chemicals are a necessity. Second, because of my personal battle with skin and hair issues, I saw the need to create an effective gluten free and organic body care line that was clean and effective (I don't believe you can do so with the addition of water in body care formulations). You can learn more about the benefits of using waterless organic body care by click on the blog from the home page and selection the water conservation tab.

Understanding the Standards of Organic Body Care:
Until the standards for organic body care products become completely developed and implemented across the board for all countries; so as an informed consumer, please always read the ingredients label for your products to ensure that you're making an informed decision before purchase. Below are links that you can use to educate yourself about the guidelines of organic body care. Rest assure that all our products are truly a certified organic product so please feel comfortable and safe while shopping you may get started by clicking any of the categories above or scroll down below to find our organic body care products.

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