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Everlasting-Argan Helichrysum Oil (Embrace the power to never fade)

The plant used to infuse this argan based treatment oil is called "Everlasting" and/or "Immortelle" for a reason—it has the exceptional ability to never fade or wilt, even when picked. Many healing properties have been attributed to both, everlasting and argan oil. It is a wonderful soothing agent for sensitive, irritated and acne prone skin. Our Everlasting-Argan Helichrysum oil holds an important place for its broad range of healing plant properties, which can benefit individuals from many walks of life. So for those of you who are active in sports and often bruised, busy supporting your children, looking to heal and improve your skin's appearance, or simply want something to assist with overall skin maintenance, this oil can support you in your quest for results. This oil was worthy of coverage by Dr. Oz who gave it high marks for performance (supports eczema and other skin issues).

  • Helpful and supportive for burns or other inflammatory bruises of skin.
  • It is also useful in neutralizing marks on the skin.
  • It is strongly anti-inflammatory and contains powerful regenerative molecules that are unique to helichrysum essential oil only (Dr. Oz mentioned that it was great for pain on his show).
  • It's great for repairing, soothing, calming, supporting the hardships that can be placed on your body, such as muscle aches.
  • Retains moisture, feeds dry and cracking skin, brings back a glow.
  • Excellent support for acne prone skin and other breakouts.
  • Traditionally known to support stretch marks.
Infusions of certified organic Helichrysum essential oil* in cold-pressed organic Argan oil*


Consistent with ALL of the products we produce, our Treatment Oils and Serums are cleanly formulated with:  NO sulfates, NO Parabens, NO Glutens, NO Phthalates, NO Petroleum, NO Preservatives, NO Propylene Glycol, NO Synthetic Fragrances, NO Colors 

Directions for Use 

Place a very small amount on on your finger tip by pressing up against the pump opening, this helps to control how much comes out so none is wasted. Applied to affected areas.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Maria Montecinos
Excellent product. Love it

Excellent product.
Love it

Susan Hill

Great stuff!


Thank you for the Everlasting-Argan Helichrysum Oil (Embrace the power to never fade)... my wrinkles are disappearing!


Everlasting-Argan Helichrysum Oil

Ed Stinson
Everlasting-Argan Helichrysum Oil

Efficient ordering experience. Great products.

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