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Blog Review - Lovely Lady Products Review: Founder Cheryl Caspi is a fellow Celiac who gets it!

July 02, 2019

Blog Review - Lovely Lady Products Review: Founder Cheryl Caspi is a fellow Celiac who gets it!

I was more than honored when Mrs. Cheryl Caspi allowed me to review her Lovely Lady Products skin care line. While educating people and spreading awareness about Celiac Disease is top priority, doing product reviews is certainly one of the greatest aspects of my job (along with meeting and building relationships with new people).

Mrs. Cheryl and I had a very long telephone conversation earlier this year & I can tell you that she is one of the nicest ladies that I’ve ever come into contact with! She herself is a Celiac and had a long battle, health wise, before her diagnosis.

I found these Lovely Lady Products to be amazing! My favorite item was the Everlasting-Argan Body Butter….if it had smelled like vanilla, I’d have wanted to eat it, as it reminded me of butter-cream icing; so smooth and light, yet intensely moisturizing. The Everlasting-Argan solid lotion moisturizer I found perfect for my hands, feet, elbows, knees and it was convenient enough that I kept it in my purse for when I was on the go. Both products are now pretty much empty as I’ve used them religiously.

I have to admit that I was deeply saddened to hear that the Immortelle Facial Mask was discontinued!! While I only use it once or twice a week, my skin feels so soft and fresh after I use it; in fact, I wrote a short piece on it on my IG account. It helped me get through a breakout due to gluten. And although my 45 day project is over, I am still using the Everlasting-Argan Facial Cleansing Bar, Everlasting Skin Toner and the Everlasting Facial Nutrient on a daily basis…I am hooked!

If you’ve been on the fence about these products, or if you’re just now hearing about them, I promise it’s well worth the gamble. If you want to start with one product, I’d highly recommend any of the Lovely Lady Products lotions.

Mrs. Cheryl has created products that are high-quality, effective and safe and I can’t begin to tell you how comforting that is to me. It makes my life so much better and easier! If I’m not mistaken, Mrs. Cheryl still makes her Lovely Lady Products by hand in a commercial kitchen.

I love promoting and spreading the word about companies like Lovely Lady Products. They know why we need safe products, and even better, they know what all it takes to ensure that our products are safe (i.e. cross contamination issues). These companies get it, they actually understand! And that is huge!!

Please support the companies who work so hard to make our lives safer and easier! If we all work together, we can make our lives, and even the world, better.