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Plant Therapy Thursday: A Sick Planet, A Sick You, No Love, No Joy!

October 29, 2020

Plant Therapy Thursday: A Sick Planet, A Sick You, No Love, No Joy!

There’s no doubt 2020 has been a unique year and it’s been a time of reflection for many as we recognize that our society’s view of "Business as Usual" has contributed to a very sick planet.  Unfortunately, now our many inhabitants of the planet are seeing and feeling the effects.  As we ponder the future, it’s only natural to think “Can we reel in the damage done and save our lovely home and ourselves?”

Everything is interconnected, we are all in this together!  We cannot afford to operate under the limited mindset of "I'll just look out for me and mine; let others fall." We are all in this together and we all fall together if we neglect to do what's right for the good of all humanity and the environment. We have made commitments, placed our signatures on declarations and started to implement the process towards progress.  Unfortunately, my dear friends, it's not enough and if we continue to live as we are doing so now, the planet will no longer be able to sustain us and all our demands on it. We have failed to recognize the signs that surfaced in the past and we are again failing at this very moment.  Sadly, folks have no desire to be inconvenienced by the simple act of wearing a mask to protect themselves and the wellbeing of those around them.  However, at the same time, there’s an expectation for life to return to the way we have become accustomed to (and that we believe we deserve) despite not having the inclination to help our fellow man nor the planet.

We must stop the spread of the selfish attitudes and instead start to spread more kindness and love. It is hate, neglect, indifference and ignorance that led us to where we are today, dealing with some rather apocalyptic global problems. Just imagine what we can do, starting with simply caring for each other and taking care of the planet to help pull us out of these dire circumstances. We are plagued with a virus that is killing people all over the world, leaving others with debilitating health issues.  Case in point is that Covid-19 patients are now referred to as “the long-haulers”. Plagued also by natural disasters, we are seeing increasing signs of the extreme impact of climate change have come into view, with record temperatures, glacier melting and enormous wildfires scorching parts of the Arctic Circle, Amazon basin and the US itself.  We are suffering greatly.  Coronaviruses as a group in their various forms are a direct result of the dangers of climate change and more will come,  we don't take action now, we must adjust immediately. Scientists are warning us that the window of opportunity to contain the damage being done to the planet is narrowing fast.

So how are we here in the USA going to assist in stopping the decline of our lovely planet? It starts with exercising your right to vote in this election. We need solid climate leadership here in our country.  Support candidates who advocate for the U.S. to join virtually all other countries of the world in making commitments and setting action plans to reduce emissions and move forward with an agenda centered around a global response to climate change. Please take the time to learn about the candidates and what they each stand for. Mother Nature is counting on all of us to ease her suffering.  So please know that all the issues that divide us won't matter if we are unable to breathe in the air we’ve taken for granted throughout our lives. If you think the fires and superstorms are bad now, it's scary to even imagine what's to come. For those of you who believe it's only happening in other states and not their own, there's plenty of evidence that the impacts spread in countless ways, including even the increasing of insurance premiums based on the huge coverage payouts required when these disasters strike.

So what is Lovely Lady Products doing to assist with improving our chancing of slowing down climate change?   

  • We are focused on further reducing our environmental footprint.  This starts with our continued water conservation efforts by offering products formulated with concentrated plant-based ingredients and NO WATER.  This has been our approach from the time we started 9 years ago and has extended into our thinking around daily business operations.  Waterless formulations are especially noteworthy since the category of skincare products is chockful of products that are upwards of 70% water.  With that degree of dilution, these products require the manufacturer to use a mix of (nearly impossible to pronounce) preservatives to prevent mold in their products. 
  • We source certified organic plant-based ingredients so that our Customers can sleep comfortably knowing the products they apply to their skin have ingredients that were not exposed to pesticides nor did they come from chemical laboratories that are often heavy polluters of waterways.
  • We are exploring changes to our future packaging. 

As a manufacturer of waterless organic body care products, our perspective on the organic and gluten free body care industry is rooted in simplicity and practicality.   We did not enter the industry (nor do we stay in it) for the pursuit of money.   This pledge has been evident in our ongoing drive to consistently clear the many unnatural hurdles placed before us in this very competitive and sometimes cutthroat industry.  As you might imagine, there are always lions hanging around each corner waiting to diminish or extinguish our efforts to deliver on our core mission.  We recognize that some may find our views eccentric but none could argue about our care for the environment. 

As the Founder, I personally want to share information and encourage consumers to learn about the ingredients they are placing on their body and why it's important to be mindful of their choices. It is my hope that you'll find this blog both useful and interesting enough to see the value in being aware of how your organic body care purchases affect not only your health but the wellbeing of the planet (food and household supplies are important too). 

My next two Planet Therapy Thursdays will be dedicated to climate change and to providing information that will help those of you who are eager to help and to put words into action. 

Blessings go out to my Dear Lovely Lady Product Fans and Followers.  The world is counting on us to vote and make the right decision to improve our future and the future for generations to come.  Remember….

“Lovely Is As Lovely Does!!!”